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Everyone is Family at The Greek

Mikelatos Family

A Greek Success Story

Makis and Lynn Mikelatos met when Lynn was a passenger on the Golden Odyssey Cruise from Venice to Athens in 1977. At the time, Lynn was selling real estate while living in the United States, and Makis was traveling the globe.

Their first date was at Spiros Restaurant on Mykonos, Greece. Lynn remembers Makis ordering a whole fish with the head and tail, and his total enjoyment of eating everything, including the eyeballs. It was true love because otherwise, Lynn would have been totally repulsed. They met again in Acapulco in October of 1978 where their passion continued to blossom. Makis arrived in California where Lynn resided in February of 1979, and they married in March of that year.

They opened their first restaurant, It’s Greek to Me, in June of 1980 in the Food Court area of the Centerpoint Mall in Oxnard. In 1991 they sold It’s Greek to Me to move to a more extensive, full-service operation. After three years, The Greek at the Harbor was established in 1994.  In 2016 the dba was changed to The Greek Mediterranean Steak and Seafood to take advantage of serving fresh fish and steaks daily.

All of the Mikelatos family (Makis, Lynn, Aris, Darius, and Marika) contribute in various ways to the success of the restaurant and to the success of Margarita Villa which is the sister restaurant at the Harbor. Their son Aris is a bartender, server and weekend dancer with his three tables and double wine dance. Their son Darius works full-time at The Margarita Villa as manager. Their daughter Marika, a graphic designer, has designed the menus, ads, and flyers for many years as well as hostessing, serving and managing the restaurant until recently when she decided to go into the medical field with the full support of her family. Makis and Lynn have five grandchildren. The entire family travels to Greece regularly, particularly to Kefalonia, Makis’ home island near Italy.

We want to thank all of our customers for patronizing The Greek since 1994 and our former restaurants since 1980. We couldn’t have done it without the help and support of our local community. To give back, we continue to donate our time and resources to countless local charities. Thank you so much for making The Greek a success!

Thank you for visiting and come back soon! OPA!